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Defender of the Faith. by MrImperatorRoma Defender of the Faith. by MrImperatorRoma
From a EU3 game of mine. The strangest thing about this game was that the Lancaster dynasty (that England starts out with in the Hundred Years' War start) managed to rule over most of Europe (England, Scotland, Denmark/Kalmar Union, Poland-Lithuania (until the latter left), Portugal and various German and Italian minors). It's closest rivals are the Luxembourg's of Hungary. 

    The Empire of England, ruled with an iron fist by Emperor Edward V Lancaster, who has a claim on the French throne and a good chance to become the next Holy Roman Emperor, stands on the brink of war. France, meanwhile, has just conquered the seat of the Papacy, Rome, only a year after the English liberated it from the Moroccans. With the Pope fleeing to Avignon, he decrees the French King to be excommunicated, and later, the King of Castile. The French King in response declares himself head of his own Church. 

    This leads to a war between the Hapsburg-lead Holy Roman Empire, and the French bloc over the legitimacy of the French Pope. Edward V, a man who is a ruthless as he is calculating, seizes his opportunity to enforce his claims on both the French and Imperial thrones, declaring war under the pretext that an excommunicated king has no right to rule, while invading the Holy Roman Empire after an unruly vassal attempted to incite revolt in English Wallonia. The Twenty Years' War has begun. 

    And in the east, the Lithuanians and Russians look on the west with interest, while the Ottomans peer over the mountains of Transylvania, coveting the great Hungarian plains. The New World, however, continues to attract adventurers from Europe and beyond, tales of golden cities have reached the Christian lords and kings, and this time the English cannot keep it a secret. 

1. Castile finally got onto the colonization thing, a bit late but there will be plenty of land to go-around. 
2. Henry V believe that Greenland would provide him with some sort of wealth, but it would not. However, it served as an excellent base from which to reach the Americas. 
3. Taken from Norway after said Duchy attempted to escape Denmark's sphere. 
4. Scotland is also ruled by a Lancaster, but none ever seem to produce an heir. The line of succession thus far has been made up of everything from obscure cousins to creepy uncles. 
5. The Papal State is still under siege, an English attempt to lift it from a landing in the south was thwarted by the timely arrival of Castilian armies. 
6. Granada survived the Reconquista thanks to Morocco
7. The collapse of Byzantium allowed the Venetians to expand their grip in Greece.
8. Genoa took advantage of the collapse of the Golden Horde quite well.
9. The Mamluk's domination of the Middle East falters. Shiite fanatics rise up against the Sunnis in Iraq, Timur's horde collects itself after the last war, taking advantage of the Persian uprising. The Ottomans might have a field day soon. 
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